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What are double sided teardrop flag banners!

At DISPLAYWILL we are proud to say that we are lead of the True Double Sided concept. In fact, we offer two distinct finishes for our Teardrop Flag Banners, Feather Flag Banners and Blade Flag  Banner.

These include:

In the Teardrop Banners industry there is a big misconception of single and true double sided teardrop banners. Many manufacturers claim to sell double sided teardrop banners when in reality they are selling a single sided banner with an 85% strike through showing the design as a mirror image on the other side.

Single Sided (Mirror Image) – This finish uses one piece of fabric, printed on only one side. Once printed a mirror image of the printed design can be seen on the back side. This is what many manufacturers call double sided.

True Double Sided - This finish uses two pieces of specially treated fabric. The treatment makes each piece fabric opaque, allowing you to have a different design on each side without any strike through.