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Best Quality of the hardware for feather / teardrop / blade flag

We only supply Best Quality of the hardware for feather flag / teardrop flag / blade flag 
Of course, making profits is a okay in business but being greedy is not.
Majority of our competitors either use very fragile aluminium pole sets sell them to you at the same price to increase their profits.
Our pole sets are made of glass fiberglass and are also at least two to three times more dense than some of our competitors.
A hardware set should NOT be able to snap in half with human force.
A lot of our competitors aluminum or steel hardware is so thin that you can step on it and bend it easily.
Not only that, but even the ground spikes (which are supposed to be hammered into the ground) bend when you hammer them!!
Our hardware can last for many years without any problems!
The most important is our hardware have bearings,then the flag can rotate freely, In the recent hurricanes and stormy weather around the united states, our pole kits were still standing while our competitors were trashed.

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Not only do we provide excellent customer service but we are known to be one of the best in the business.
After a decade of trial and error, we have perfected the process of creating the highest quality flags. We consider ourselves professional when it comes to feather flag / teardrop flag / blade flag ,roll up displays,custom tent also pop up displays.

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