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Best custom table cover or custom table cloth

DISPLAYWILL’s new custom table cover or table cloth allow you to add a professional look to your trade show event or convention booth where you are representing your company. What better way to get your marketing message across than with a full-color table skirt? Your company logo and message can be displayed on the top of the table, as well as along the sides.

Separate your booth from ordinary trade show displays. Choose a plain table skirt with custom table runner, or our popular full-color table throws. Either way, your business can make a striking visual impact. Select from 3 options for 4ft. 5ft. 6 ft. or 8 ft. tables.

If you have enough space at your booth, you can even place a few small tables to create multiple stations. This will provide potential customers with the opportunity to interact with your products and your staff.

Custom table cover or table cloth will attract more visitors to your booth and keep them talking about your business.

On the custom table cover or table cloth you can include your logo, important contact info and of course, a sales message. Be sure that the important things will be on the center, and less important things can be on the sides of the cover.